Whats the overall goal?

We want to create a project to protect "We the People". We voted and trusted politicians to do the right thing, now most power in the world is dictated by only a few. All of mankind should be in control of their future to insure that it will still be there for future generations. We will look out and take care of each other like a small tribe, even though this is a big world. As we collaborate with other foundations and non-profits, we will make an organized effort to create a change for Education, Health and the Environment to insure the prosperity of mankind.

Bring Up Humanity

We need to fight to make sure the welfare of people come first.


Give all children equal education, this is key to the prosperity of humanity and the economy. We must increase schools within our inner cities where they have been taken away. This civilization must proceed with the next generations and it cannot do that fully until we have equal education for all.

As the years pass by, so do the evolution of jobs leading to job training and highly-trained skills. The right to choose a path of life and live how you want to while contributing to your community, nation and the world.

Clean Water

The future is bleak when it comes to drinkable water; with a growing population we need to derive new systems to create and sustain clean water.


We take from the earth in abundance, and if we do not start giving back to Mother Nature, our environment that we are so comfortable with will no longer sustain us. Our first goal in protecting Mother Nature is simple, we plan to protect mangroves along the coastline. Mangroves play a vital role in eliminate Co2 and protecting coral reefs from sediment erosion. Secondly, we propose to preserve wetlands for the overflow of water from storms and water surges. Third, we will plant trees especially in areas bordering stagnant water, lakes, rivers, and deforested areas around wetlands. Last but not least, we intend to clear dry brush and dead trees from forested areas to eliminate chances of wildfires. Additionally, controlled burns will aid to protect from future environmental damaging fires.

Defined, it is all in the name

• Prosperity- success profitability, affluence, wealth, opulence, luxury, the good life, (good) fortune, ease, plenty, comfort, security, well-being.

• Humanity- the human race; human beings collectively.


We will describe each system and come up with a plan for the overall goal. The Prosperity of Humanity Project will need to receive your views and support.